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Stock market continues to make historical new highs - the S&P 500 index has now climbed over 4000 points. Nasdaq has almost recovered to a historical high of 14000 points. And the Russell 2000 index has stabilized at above 2200. Some say that the market is starting to look like that of 1999 -- the Dot-com bubble period. Are we experiencing another round of stock market Euphoria?? What are the fundamental factors as well as investor behaviors that underlines today’s market? What are the similarities and differences compared to the Dot-com bubble period? How to best position ourselves in the current market? These are just a few questions we will be discussing in this event. 


Time: April 29th (Thur), 5:30-6:30pm, US CT (6:30-7:30pm US ET; Beijing Time April 30th (Fri), 7:30-8:30 am)

Moderator: Ms. Lisha Li

About the Moderator

Ms. Lisha Li

Lisha is a senior international equity analyst at Columbia Wanger Asset Management. Lisha started her career in trading and managed a valuation based, equity long-short trading book combining fundamental research with quantitative methods for over ten years. 

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