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Crypto Trading Landscape & Industry Opportunities

5pm, Oct 31st, 2019


Chinese Trading & Investment Association(“CTIA”) is a non-profit, non-political professional financial organization dedicated to Chinese professionals in the trading and investment business around the world. CTIA's main goals are to facilitate professionalism among its members, enhance their career development and promote growth of China's financial markets.

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BEAVO is a cryptocurrency-focused trading firm, supporting quantitative portfolio managers with advanced trading skills and providing access to over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges globally. BEAVO is currently a designated market maker and

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Spencer Fan

Prior to founding BEAVO, Spencer worked at Citic Private Equity and Primavera Capital in Beijing, focusing on equity investment opportunities in the Chinese market. Before that, he worked at Bain & Company in Singapore, advising clients on new market entry strategies, operations and investment due diligence in commodities, shipping and retail industry. Spencer started his career in New York with Nomura Securities in the Mergers and Acquisitions department. He holds a master degree in Mechanical Engineer from MIT and a bachelor degree in Bioengineering from National University of Singapore.


As a fast-growing financial asset class, cryptocurrency was born with a very unique set of early trading participants, infrastructure providers and regulatory frameworks. Many financial professionals struggle to understand the technical aspects of blockchain technology. Many still believe that this asset class will disappear from public attention within one or two years, drawing an analogy with the tulip mania in 1637. Mainstream players are slowly finding the right pace and angle to enter the industry, including investment banks, brokers, auditing firms, trading firms, hedge funds, custodian service providers and technology vendors. Regulators in different countries are also taking very different stance towards the adoption of cryptocurrency for different purposes. The stage of development of blockchain technology currently, resembles that of the internet in the 1990s, when there were both hypes of its grand future and negative attitudes towards its shortcomings. The interweaving relationship between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency provides an opportunity for financial professionals to have an edge in a newly forming technology paradigm. In the coming years, we should expect to see rapid development and progress made in this space, as more ordinary people start to benefit from blockchain-enabled services, more improvement made in security and user experience for cryptocurrency trading and more comprehensive regulatory frameworks established.


TOPIC: Cryptocurrency Trading Landscape and Industry Opportunities

TIME: 5pm, Oct 31st, 2019

LOCATION: 191 N Wacker Dr. Suite 3700, Chicago, IL


Attendees will scan the 2-D barcode of BEAVO WeChat onsite and provide an email address through WeChat that is identical with the one used for registration at An airdrop of 30 KCS will be distributed to each attendee’s Kucoin exchange wallet in a few days. This can be sold immediately for about 30 USD worth of any major token, including bitcoin. KCS need to be claimed by logging in to within 3 months after disbursement. Unclaimed KCS will be taken back by the exchange.

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