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Creativity has been associated with numerous break-throughs in human history, from Newton discovering gravity, Picasso’s Cubism, to Steve Jobs’ smartphone revolution. Einstein once said “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”. Despite its importance, creativity was long considered a mystic power in the ancient time, and was not brought into the realm of scientific inquiry until the mid-20th century. Over the recent decades, however, our understanding of this fascinating construct has advanced tremendously thanks to the use of modern experiment methods and neuroscientific techniques. 

In this event, we are pleased to have Dr. Yuhua Yu as our speaker.  As a long time finance professional, Dr. Yu has been active in interdisciplinary research with the implications to trading and investment in mind. Her talk will draw insights from creativity research that are relevant to everyday life and work. A Q&A session will follow to continue the discussion in any creative directions that the audience desires.  

Time:Jan. 27th (Wed), 5:30-6:30pm, US CT (6:30-7:30pm US ET; Beijing Time Jan. 28th(Thurs), 7:30-8:30 am)

Speaker: Yuhua Yu

Moderator: Tony Zhang

About the speaker:

Dr. Yuhua Yu

Yuhua is the co-founder and chairwoman of the CTIA. She has built her career in finance for over ten years after earning her PhD degree in mathematics. Most recently, she holds the position of partner at Shanghai Dijun Capital. Over the last two years, however, Yuhua has devoted to research in psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Now affiliated with Northwestern University, Yuhua is interested in topics like creativity and particularly passionate about applying quantitative techniques to understand how the human brain works. 

About the moderator:

Dr. Tony Zhang

Dr. Tony Zhang is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign, R.C. Evan Fellow, Gies Business School, focusing on finance, quantitative investment and entrepreneurship. President of the Chicago chapter of the Chinese American Association for Trading and Investment, who has long worked in fintech, including artificial intelligence and big data. SSRN Global Top 100 Scholar in Social Science Business, Member of the Education Committee of the Chicago Chapter of the Charted Financial Analyst Association, Academic Mentor of the CFA Association Research Challenge, Academic Mentor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Global Annual Trading Competition, has published more than 50 SCI papers internationally, won the best papers in the field three times, and is the only scholar to have won two of the best papers at the IEEE Wireless Sensing Network Conference. The latest study, Alternative Data in Fintech and Business Intelligence, is included in the latest Fintech books by the world-renowned Palgrave publisher. In addition, Dr. Zhang is a Senior Member of the American Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association (IEEE Senior Member), a CFA Certified Financial Analyst in the United States.

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