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Advancement in areas of artificial intelligence and big data in recent years has significantly accelerated their applications to the financial industry, especially in quantitative investment and trading. The November CTIA Tea Time will discuss successes and failures seen so far in the early stage of such applications as well as where the difficulties and promises lie in the near future.   

We have invited Dr. Chenghui Cai to give a talk and lead the discussion on this important topic.

Time: Nov. 18th(Wed), 6-7:30pm US Eastern Time (Beijing Time Nov. 19th Thur., 7-8:30am)

Speaker and Moderator: Dr. Chenghui Cai 

Talk Title: AI + Big Data Based Applications to Quantitative Finance and Trading

Talk Abstract: As available data explodes in volumes and dimensions, the subject of quantitative finance evolves fast in the aspects of concepts, contents and applications. Traditional mathematical finance has experienced difficulty in handling high-dimension information, data variety and hig speed data upates. This talk will introduce recent research and practical advances on AI and big data based quantitative finance,including but not limitted to large-scale machine learning technique. First, a brief overview of the evolution of quantitative finance will be given. Then, some practical quantitative/algorithmic trading activities on US and China futures market by the speaker will be introduced. Finally, a discussion on how to build an automated and intelligent trading agent is open to all participants.

About the speaker:

Dr. Chenghui Cai

Dr. Chenghui Cai got his degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing and from Duke University. He had worked in quantitative finance in New York City for years. Since then, he has worked on his own startup, WeAI Tech, for more than five years, mainly focusing on quant trading and fintech.

Dr. Cai’s expertise is in the area of AI and machine learning (20+ years), quantitative finance (10+ years) and financial big data (9+ years). As for his academic activities, he has published 22 academic papers with 500+ times citation (google scholar "Chenghui Cai"). He has served as reviewer for several top academic journals and in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) community. He has served in the IEEE CIS (Computational Intelligence Society) commnuity for years. His research has been reported by USA Today, Science Daily, US National Science Foundation. As for his finance professional activities, he has innovative contributions to Bayesian online learning practice in industry and developed several practical and effective learning algorithms in financial applications. He is experienced in quantitative modeling, prediction and pricing in financial market. He spent years to explore large-scale machine learning techniques and develop corporate bond prediction and pricing product.

In 2012, he developed an algorithmic trading platform and multiple profitable trading strategies for managing asset. Afterwards, he continues to trade Chinese futures with automated quantitative algorithms and has profited for six consecutive years, 2015-2020.

His career as a quant started during his Ph.D. study at Duke when he participated in 2007 Interactive Brokers Group Collegiate Trading Olympiad, ranked 6th (3rd Place Prize). 

He is a senior memeber of IEEE.

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2.Trading and investment opportunities from emerging communication technologies  (5G, Near-Earth Satellites) 


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