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We are excited to announce that CTIA will be hosting a brand new monthly online event series called CTIA Tea Time starting this month! In each event, we welcome all CTIA members globally to participate in discussion of a designated topic. Each event will have a moderator and we may also invite experts to give a talk before discussion. 

The first Tea Time event is scheduled as follows:

Time: Aug. 24th (Mon), 6-7:30pm US Central Time (Beijing Time Aug. 25th, 7-8:30am)

Topic: Recent development in crude oil market

Moderator: Prof. Zhiguo He

Speaker: Freddie (Zheyuan) Fan

Talk abstract: Overview of 2020 oil financial market events - we discuss historical oil price plunge and its subsequent recovery.

About the speaker

Freddie (Zheyuan) Fan is currently an oil and gas trader at a global hedge fund. Freddie previously traded various volatility products at an options market maker. 

About the moderator 

Prof. He is the Fuji Bank and Heller Professor of Finance at Booth School of Business, University of Chicago. His research focuses on banking, fintech, financial markets and macroeconomics. His full biography can be found here:

Event Registration and Zoom Info

Please click here to register for the event. Event’s Zoom session info will be sent to registered participants upon completing the registration.

Future CTT topics (tentative):

1. Current status of AI application in trading and investment 

2. 2020 investment hotspot: SPAC

3. Opportunities in cryptocurrency trading and investment 

4. Trading and investment opportunities from emerging communication technologies  (5G, Near-Earth Satellites) 

5. Novstar incubator: how to make it serve your personal and business needs better 


We will help you advance your career!

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