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On Jan 11th, the Chinese Financial Market Opportunity Seminar was held at Yale club in New York City. The purpose of event is to discuss how U.S. financial practitioners use their strength to explore the opportunity of Chinese financial market. The event has three main topics, including the depth perspective of Chinses financial market, the development direction of Chinese finance market, and the start-up experience of domestic hedge fund.

The event was hosted by YongAn Futures, and was co-organized by the Chinese Trading & Investment Association(CTIA) and OHFI. Mr. Chen Kaifeng, the president of New York Chapter of CTIA, hosted the whole conference. Keynote speakers including Jianjun Shi (President of Yongan Futures), Juewen Hu (Managing Director, OHFI), and Feng Wang (Manager, Alpha Squared Capital, Ltd.).

Mr. Chen Kaifeng is the professor from New York University. He is the co-founder and chief investment officer of a macro hedge fund in New York and the new president of New York Chapter of the Chinese Trading and Investment Association. Mr. Chen Kaifeng helped YongAn Futures to organize conferences at Yale club every year. 

Chen Kaifeng

Mr. Shi Jianjun, the President of YongAn Futures, discussed about the development of Chinese private equity funds, of which the size is more than 10 trillion yuan for now. In addition, Mr. Shi Jianjun also introduced the overall performance of YongAn Futures and the asset management firms under YongAn. Mr. Shi Jianjun is currently served as the vice president of Chinese Futures Industry Association and the president of Zhejiang Futures Industry Association. For Mr. Shi’s outstanding contributions and influences in the industry, he was named as ‘outstanding leader in the Futures Industry’, ‘the most influential people in Chinese Futures Industry’ by authoritative media, etc.

Shi Jianjun

Mr. Hu Juewen, the Managing Director of OFHI, introduced the Yuhuang Shannan Fund Town and how its business incubator helps new hedge funds to grow in China. Mr. Hu Juewen previously worked in British Royal Industry Group, Dow Chemical and KPMG consulting. Now, he works both in OFHI and Zhejiang Silicon Paradise Asset Management Group, responsible for fund investment. 

Hu Juewen

Mr. Wang Feng, now a successful hedge fund founder in China, shared his entrepreneurship experience in financial industry in China, and the current situation of his company. Graduated from the University of Michigan with a doctor’s degree in Physics and a master’s degree in electrical engineering, Mr Wang was a PhD researcher of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and had previous work experience at Citadel as a quantitative trader, and at multinational hedge fund BTG Pactual as a risk manager and strategy developer.

Wang Feng


协会欢迎从事金融交易和投资领域工作的职业人士的加入。也非常期待和其他同业协会、 公司、交易所以及相关监管部门进行各种形式的合作和交流。

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