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活动类型:讲座 活动地点:芝加哥 活动时间:2016/08

Ever since its inception at the turn of the 21st century, the popularity and usage of High Frequency Trading (HTF) has been growing at an astonishing rate globally, bringing significant changes in the way how trades are carried out in the markets. Today, HTF represents a very large portion of trading volume in US markets, and has come under intense scrutiny by regulators, media and general public. Even though, HFT has been with us for more than decade, there are still a lot questions and confusions about it:

What exactly is HFT?

How does HFT make money?

What does HTF trader do?

In HFT, how fast is fast enough?

Did/Will high-frequency trading cause market crashes?

Is HTF "rigged" the market and should HFT be curbed?

CTIA Chicago will organize a panel discussion with several veterans in professional trading industry. The panelists will discuss various aspects of HFT and answer questions from audiences.  


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